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Phrasal verbs GET

Questa sezione del sito è utile a chi vuole fare degli esercizi su GET usato come phrasal verbs. Presto altri phrasal verbs e quindi altri esercizi!!

Phrasal verbs - esercizi

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16 get something across/over|2|grow big enough to fit|start the energy, switch on|communicate, make understandable|look at carefully, investigate|get along/on|0|like each other|resemble a family member|hold firmly using your hands or arms|explode|get around|1|confuse two or more things|have mobility|quit a habit|put clothing/accessories on your body|get away|1|finish the supply|go on a vacation|dispose of|rob|get away with something|0|do without being noticed or punished|be punished for doing something bad|follow someone|check, examine|get back|3|support|pull in too closely in front of another vehicle|return an item|return|get something back|0|receive something you had before|eventually reach/do/decide|be careful, vigilant, and take notice|prevent from doing/going|get back at someone|2|increase the volume or strength (heat, light etc)|indicate with your finger|retaliate, take revenge|start the energy flow, turn on|get back into something|1|quit a class, school etc|become interested in something again|to write information in blanks (Br.E.)|make unhappy|get on something|0|step onto a vehicle|compare prices|take someone/something somewhere and leave them/it there|not like (formal)|get over something|1|increase the temperature|recover from an illness, loss, difficulty|fasten, close|decrease the volume or strength (heat, light etc)|get over something|2|stop providing|sample clothing|overcome a problem|make something fall to the ground|get round to something|0|finally find time to do (N.Amer.: get around to something)|give (usually unwillingly)|not tell|remember (often + to, sometimes + on)|get together|1|stop sleeping|meet (usually for social reasons)|prepare body for exercise|draw a line through|get up|3|ask for an answer or opinion|give the same thing to many people|discover|get out of bed|get up|2|regrow|continue doing|stand|put what you are holding on a surface or floor
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