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Pagina per scoprire la definizioni e traduzione di deism . Il dizionario è una parte integrante del sito con cui puoi imparare la grammatica inglese attraverso tutti i vari esercizi e lezioni di inglese che il sito ti propone.
deism Inglese - Italiano
Trova tra le centinaia di traduzioni deism presenti nel dizionario italiano-inglese. Puoi effettuare ricerche personalizzate da italiano ad inglese che dall'inglese all'italiano. Trova le tue traduzioni di deism e approfitta del dizionario monolingua in inglese per cogliere tutte le sfumature della parola! Puoi premere sulla parola per ascoltare anche la pronuncia di deism madrelingua :)

Definizione monolingua deism



deism (plural deisms)

  1. A philosophical belief in the existence of a god knowable through human reason; especially, a belief in a creator god unaccompanied by any belief in supernatural phenomena or specific religious doctrines.
    • 1682, John Dryden, Religio Laici, Or A Laymans Faith:
      If my supposition be true, then the consequence which I have assumed in my Poem may be also true; namely, that Deism, or the principles of natural worship, are only the faint remnants or dying flames of reveald religion in the posterity of Noah.
    • 1847, Julius Charles Hare & Augustus William Hare, Guesses at Truth, p.39:
      As the Epicureans had a Deism without a God, so the Unitarians have a Christianity without a Christ, and a Jesus but no Saviour.
    • 2009, Diarmaid MacCulloch, A History of Christianity, Penguin 2010, p. 786:
      In place of the idea which runs through the Tanakh and New Testament of a God intimately involved with his creation and providentially repeatedly intervening in it, there was the concept of a God who had certainly created the world and set up its laws in structures understandable by human reason, but who after that allowed it to go its own way, precisely because reason was one of his chief gifts to humanity, and order a gift to his creation. This was the approach to divinity known as deism.

Definizione italiano>inglese deism

  The belief in the existence of God by or through reason
  The belief in a God or gods who set the universe in motion, then ceased to interact with it
  The religious philosophy and movement in 17th and 18th centuries

Altri significati:
  The belief in a god or gods who set the universe in motion, then ceased to interact with it.
  (philosophy) The belief in the existence of a god, by or through reason.
  (uncountable) The religious philosophy and movement that became prominent in England, France, and the United States in the 17th and 18th centuries that rejects supernatural events (prophecy, miracles) and divine revelation prominent in organized religion, along with holy books and revealed religions that assert the existence of such things.

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