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Phrasal verbs GIVE

Questa sezione del sito è utile a chi vuole fare degli esercizi su GIVE usato come phrasal verbs. Presto altri phrasal verbs e quindi altri esercizi!!

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9 give someone away|3|take someone/something somewhere and leave them/it there|be excited about the future|forgive each other|reveal hidden information about someone|give someone away|1|leave a hotel|take the bride to the altar|test|put what you are holding on a surface or floor|give something away|2|indicate with your finger|stop functioning (vehicle, machine)|ruin a secret|date|give something away|1|eat at a restaurant|give something to someone for free|choose|arrange, organize|give something back|2|meet unexpectedly|return|return a borrowed item|step onto a vehicle|give in|1|compare prices|reluctantly stop fighting or arguing|come without an appointment|rip into pieces|give something out|3|visit someone nearby|consider|dispose of|give to many people (usually at no cost)|give something up|2|get to the same point as someone else|leave home to go on a social event|quit a habit|be especially vigilant for|give up|2|do again (N.Amer.)|receive something you had before|stop trying|move back in a position/group
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